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24alife™ is a comprehensive platform that delivers exclusive health and well-being solutions on a global level, including evidence-based Mayo Clinic programs.

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Video Programs

Vitalis Kiosk – The Health Screening System (Promo Video)

The Health Screening System is equipped with sensors in combination with artificial algorithm intelligence. This system collects personal health data from the patient and subsequently generates a through health profile report which includes such items as blood pressure, BMI, bone density, body fat and many other important health measurements. Once the scan is completed the patient/clients can access their personal health profile through a QR code which is displayed on the screen, and subsequently transferred to the 24alife™ application with all the results.

Introduction for Corporate Wellness Program: Mayo Clinic Resilient Mind program

Do you want to enroll this program to your employees? Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Resilient Mind is an evidence-based program, developed at Mayo Clinic and backed by more than 20 research studies. It is proven to decrease stress, enhance mindfulness, improve well-being and increase happiness.

24alife – The Mayo Clinic Diet

A thriving business requires dedication to its employees, and there’s no better way to show your commitment than giving the gift of good health. If you want to cut healthcare costs, increase productivity, boost performance, and retain valuable team members, then it’s time to make your smartest investment yet: The Workplace Wellness Program with the Mayo Clinic Diet.

12 Habits of Highly Healthy People

The 12 Habits of Highly Healthy People is a program carefully designed to implement meaningful and permanent habit change at any age, and every stage of life. This easy-to-follow guide emphasizes purposeful and actionable behaviors that are not often considered typical activities associated with wellness, such as forgiveness, laughter, trying something new, and addressing addictive behaviors. It is about living life fully and well. Each month, individuals will be introduced to a new habit and receive goals, educational messages, activities, reminders, and strategies to incorporate each habit into their lives.

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