Partnering With

Iron City IPA

Iron City IPA is committed to helping each provider office with membership growth. We have partnered with InTouch Marketing a dedicated contact center to help with Medicare growth and retention during AEP, OEP and Lock-in.


How it works…

InTouch Marketing will be reaching out to your office and issuing a Business Service Agreement via Docu-Sign to service your Medicare patients.

Once agreement is in place, InTouch Marketing can work directly with your office to identify which  recipients are on Fee-for-Service Medicare, Supplemental, or paying high medical cost. Patients will be contacted on your behalf and connected to services to evaluate their Medicare coverage and benefits. Enrollment assistance into Low Income Subsidy will be made available.

During AEP (Oct 15th – Dec 7th) it’s a critical time to evaluate Medicare Coverage for 2021. 

Let us help your patients on your behalf.

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