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  • HIPPA Compliant

About Us

Established 2014, InTouch specializes in creating a personal relationship between any business and their clients, patients, partners and customers.

Our Vision & Approach

InTouch Marketing provides a scalable call center experience customizable to any line of business. By owning our craft, we pride ourselves on relentless accountability and increasing engagement rates for our clients.

We take a grassroots approach to bridging the communication network by designing customizable campaigns.

We are a results driven organization dedicated to finalizing our client’s projects with professionalism and urgency.

HIPPA Compliant & Secure

InTouch Marketing is committed to keeping our client’s data safe and secure, regardless of industry. 

U.S.A Base Call Center

Located in United State of America, We are focused on providing outreach and assistance on behalf of clients.
Multilingual support  is available. Compassionate individuals who are highly trained.

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