How We Increase Member Engagement For Wellness Visits

How We Increase Your Member Engagement For Wellness Visits


We Increase your member engagement for wellness visits in our ever-changing world, healthcare organizations face numerous challenges in delivering essential care. At InTouch Medical Marketing, we intimately understand these challenges. Our mission is to assist medical groups, health plans, clinics, and healthcare professionals in bridging the gap between patient care and provider availability, especially when it comes to improving your member engagement through Medicare coverage for wellness visits.

Central to this bridge is ensuring prompt scheduling of wellness visits. For many patients, a burning question lingers: ‘Does Medicare cover wellness visits?’ In this article, we’ll delve into the nuances of Medicare coverage and the pivotal role played by dedicated member engagement specialists in managing wellness visits effectively. We’ll also shed light on how InTouch Medical Marketing can be a guiding force for healthcare organizations on this transformative journey.

Our Member Engagement Strategies: Ensuring Completion and Member Education

InTouch Medical Marketing goes the extra mile to enhance healthcare engagement for your members. We actively reach out to schedule Annual Wellness Visits on your behalf, ensuring confirmed and completed appointments. Additionally, we provide courtesy, no-cost reminder calls or texts to patients prior to their appointment dates.

During our outreach efforts, our conversations include education about the visit’s importance, resulting in lower no-show rates. This proactive approach ensures members not only schedule wellness visits but also understand their significance in maintaining health.

InTouch Medical Marketing is dedicated to helping you achieve optimal member engagement and satisfaction. Our comprehensive healthcare contact center solutions and specialized outreach services empower your organization to provide top-tier healthcare services and foster lasting patient-provider relationships.

As the healthcare landscape evolves, organizations embracing innovative solutions like InTouch Medical Marketing are better equipped to meet demands for patient-centric care. Together, we can elevate healthcare engagement, improve member satisfaction, and enhance overall member well-being.

The Advantages of Leveraging a Health Plan Call Center

Open enrollment periods, such as the one slated for October, represent the busiest times for healthcare organizations. This is where InTouch Medical Marketing truly shines. We offer a team of member engagement specialists who excel in tasks like reducing missed appointment and elevating patient satisfaction levels. Our unwavering commitment to HIPAA compliance guarantees the utmost security and privacy of patient information, and our pursuit of Hi-Trust certification underscores our dedication to safeguarding data. We also increase your member engagement for wellness visits by ensuring regular communication with your patients.

Why Choose InTouch Medical Marketing to Increase Member Engagement?

InTouch Medical Marketing stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of healthcare communications, all while adhering to strict HIPAA standards. Our professional and authoritative tone, free from corporate jargon, instills confidence in our clients. Consequently, we become your trusted partner, ensuring that patients receive the care they rightfully deserve, and healthcare organizations thrive during the demanding open enrollment season. Our commitment to excellence extends to both patients and healthcare providers, forging a bridge that enhances the healthcare experience for all parties involved.


In summary, Medicare’s coverage extends to wellness visits, guaranteeing accessibility for beneficiaries. Furthermore, InTouch Medical Marketing is here to bolster healthcare organizations in their mission to deliver exceptional care and engagement. Our unwavering commitment to professionalism, privacy, and patient satisfaction positions us as the ideal choice during the bustling open enrollment season.

Additional Resources

Explore these authoritative websites to learn more information about HIPPA Compliance and Hi-Trust:

    1. HIPAA Journal: Stay updated on HIPAA compliance and data security in healthcare.
    2. HITRUST Alliance: Learn about Hi-Trust certification and its importance in healthcare.

These resources can help you delve deeper into the world of HIPPA Guidelines and Hi-Trust Certification. Whether you’re a healthcare professional, a Medicare beneficiary, or someone interested in preventive care, these websites offer valuable insights and guidance.

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